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CELEO abre inscrição para
Projetos via Incentivo Fiscal 2020


A CELEO apoia anualmente projetos de cultura, educação, direitos, bem-estar, saúde e/ou esporte via leis de incentivo fiscal federais, buscando priorizar aqueles que estejam alinhados à sua estratégia de negócio ou que beneficie de alguma forma as comunidades circunvizinhas aos seus empreendimentos.

Poderão participar da seleção os projetos comprovadamente registrados em uma das seguintes leis de incentivo fiscal: Lei Federal de Incentivo à Cultura; Lei Federal de Incentivo ao Esporte; FIA / Fundo Municipal e/ou Estadual da Infância e Adolescência através dos Conselhos de Direito Estadual ou Municipal); Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção da Saúde da Pessoa com Deficiência (PRONAS/PCD); Programa Nacional de Apoio à Atenção Oncológica (PRONON). Lei Federal do Estatuto do Idoso: Fundo Nacional do Idoso através dos Conselhos Municipais do Idoso. Leia o Edital de Seleção de Projetos.


As inscrições devem ser feitas exclusivamente, através do preenchimento do Formulário de Inscrição, e enviando preenchido para e-mail:

Para cada Projeto, deverá ser preenchido um Formulário de Inscrição.


O período de captação de projetos inicia-se com a abertura das inscrições no dia 19 de novembro e encerrando-se no dia 07 de dezembro.


É com grande satisfação que a CELEO Group anuncia os projetos sociais selecionados para investimento via incentivo fiscal de 2020. São eles:

Esporte – “Projeto Xeque Mate Educacional” (INEEC/BA).

Idoso – “Projeto Trabalhe Melhor” (Lar São José – São João da Boa Vista/SP).

Criança e Adolescente – “Projeto Ballet Feliz” (Associação Ballet Feliz – São João do Piauí/PI).

Cultura 1 – “Projeto Chapeuzinho Vermelho e os ODS” (Cultura ADX Produção de Eventos Culturais Limitada, 4 Municípios).

Cultura 2 – “Projeto Armarinho, cantinho da imaginação” (Komedi e Incentivar fomento de projetos LTDA 2 Municípios)

Parabenizamos os projetos classificados e agradecemos a participação de todos os inscritos neste processo.

Equipe Celeo Redes Brasil


Corporative Integrity Program (PIC) was developed to assist all persons directly or indirectly linked to the CRB to understand the rules of integrity focused on ethical contractual relations, such as poor contractual or business relationship management may adversely affect the CRB image and its subsidiaries, the consequences and reprimands for inappropriate conduct, and what must be done to combat and avoid deviations of ethical conduct or corruptible acts.

This program brings together the necessary information on the responsibilities and responsibilities of the Integrity Program Manager, with the objective of assuring and guiding CRB professionals and its subsidiaries about compliance with internal laws, regulations, policies and procedures, importance of protecting and maintaining the commitment to integrity and ethical standards in conducting business and attending to continuous improvement.

“Do what is right, not what is easy”

CRB’s principle concerning professional performance is honesty, with unconditional obedience to existing moral and ethical rules. All employees’ performance with decorum and probity allows the corporation to keep its image as a reference company and its credibility in the market.

In addition, people connected to CRB have the responsibility to keep the integrity and ensure good practices in the performance of their activities, hoping that all contractors and related governmental entities will also act in this way and be guided by the same principles.

CRB repudiates any action which is in disagreement with the Anti-Corruption Law in force in Brazil and does not agree with payments, offers, promises, receipts or concession of economic benefit, directly or indirectly to the body, public employee or any person, that may be characterized as unlawful, bribery or fraud.

Celeo Redes Brasil aims at the best practices of conduct, taking care, tirelessly, for ethical principles and integrity of its collaborators and partners.

CRB considers as conduct standards the behavioral patterns which can be used to set what is right or wrong, not only regarding the conduct of employees in their professional activities, but also in the relations of the company with the employee. So, CRB stipulates the principles regarding its conduct as a corporation and mentions the conduct expected from its employees.

CELEO REDES Group’s tendency guided by its shareholders and reflected in CRB is to apply the principle of zero tolerance to bad practices in ethics and integrity, as it expects its employees to conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of this guide and with the norms on which it is based.

Know the CRB Conduct Norms:

open pdf

CRB, seeking continuous improvement, adhered to the Code of Ethics of its shareholder, whose primary mission is to extend to employees its business philosophy based on values below:

• Reliability (Achievement of Purposes)
• Commitment and Effort
• Reliability
• Innovation

General Principles of Grupo Elecnor:

• Full Compliance with Legality
• Compliance and Defense of Human Rights and Legislation
• Labor
• Diligence and Professionalism
• Integrity, Quality and Environmental Protection
• Prevention of Work Accidents (Labor Risks)
• Social Responsibility

Get to know our full Code of Ethics.

Open pdf

CRB has provided a procedure that allows all employees to communicate, confidentially, if they so choose, in good faith and without fear of reprisals, irregular conduct in the matters contemplated in the Program, as well as to clear doubts, to ask questions related to possible violations of laws, its regulations, potential internal fraud, alleged serious violations of the program, or against policies and procedures, propose improvements and revisions to controls,independent of occurrence of crimes, aiming at the improvement of the channel and, mainly, the CRB business activities.

Employees should submit their communications regarding issues related to the Program through:


Totally anonymous web address:

All employees are required to report irregular practices they may be aware of or witness.


Knowing the importance of these themes, Celeo works in line with the SDGs in its processes and prioritized 5 of them, highlighted in the image below, based on the nature of its business, understanding its value chain, the guidelines of shareholders and a benchmarking action with companies in the electricity sector, aiming to direct efforts to them and thus make their actions more effective.

Created in Netherlands, Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) is a benchmark platform with environmental, social and governance indicators (ESG, Environment, Social, Governance). In a joint and collaborative effort with the participating companies, GRESB establishes, through a set of reported data, a global standard for sustainability performance in real assets. In the first year of participation in the platform, Celeo Redes Brasil was considered a benchmark company, since it won four of five rating stars.

GRESB aims to create better places for people and communities, reducing environmental impacts and improving social practices. In addition, the platform also seeks to establish high standards of corporate governance for participating companies.

Performance ESG – GRESB 2019

A adesão ao GRESB contribuiu para que a Celeo Brasil buscasse melhores práticas internas e de impacto, melhorando a cultura organizacional, seus processos internos e performance. Em 2019, o GRESB deu suporte a 107 investidores institucionais que investem em infraestrutura.

A partir da plataforma de benchmark em sustentabilidade, é possível medir o desempenho de métricas pré-estabelecidas e que permitem aos investidores avaliar se a empresa está de acordo com os seus princípios de investimento.
O ano de 2018 foi o primeiro em que a Celeo Brasil prestou informações à plataforma, atingindo 67 dos 100 pontos. Em 2019, registrou 83 pontos e manteve o segundo lugar entre os ativos de infraestrutura de transmissão.

Para mais informações sobre o desempenho da Celeo Brasil no GRESB acesse


Celeo Redes Brasil tops a socially responsible institutional position, at corporate management level, with its stakeholders, concerned with social and environmental impact.

For this reason, CRB allocates resources to initiatives planned and developed in project format, monitoring them and concerned with community involvement, sustainable results, impact and local transformation – development and environmental preservation.

Since 2011, Celeo Redes Brasil has been allocating resources through fiscal incentives granted by Public Power in human rights (childhood and the elderly), culture and sport.

In addition to these projects through Tax Incentives, CRB has a history of large projects developed through “sub-credits of social commitments”, which benefited its public beneficiaries, strengthened local socioeconomic capital and contributed to environmental preservation.

Positive history, learning, recognition of beneficiaries, shareholders, regulatory bodies, strengthening relationship with community and other stakeholders has made CRB to believe it is on right path and intends to enlarge its private social investment agenda.

With a lot of professionalism, respect and care for beneficiaries, environment and local development, Celeo Redes Brasil develops its socio-environmental responsibility projects with the following premises:

Initiatives in line with community interests which contribute to its well-being and development;
Participation of beneficiaries from project, generating appropriation and inclusion of benefits and learning;
Always valuing human rights and respect for environment;
Make alliances and connections producing social and economic synergies – strengthening of local social capital;
Add value to stakeholders;
Project Management with transparent management and accountability;
In the context of the Sustainable Development Goals – SDG.

Baú de Histórias - Monte Santo de Minas/MG Difusão da leitura para escolas e instituições públicas, assim como a realização de oficinas de contação de histórias nas escolas e instituições beneficiadas. Doação de 5 Baú de Histórias (100 livros, 20 fantoches, 5 Jogos e Brinquedos lúdicos, Kit Pedagógico),10 oficinas de Leitura, em 5 Escolas Públicas Lei Rouanet R$ 99.000
Histórias que vierem de trem - Atibaia/SP Mostrar de forma lúdica a relevância do trem como meio de transporte, para comunidades circunvizinhas a linhas de trem Realizar 5 apresentações de teatro infantil, gratuitas, com a duração de 45 minutos, em escolas públicas, instituições carentes ou espaços culturais de Atibaia, para público de 200 crianças por apresentação, em única turnê. Lei Rouanet R$ 71.378,80
Reação Escola de Judô e Educação II - Instituto Reação Rio de Janeiro/RJ Promover a reflexão de importantes valores do esporte em todos os polos, construindo um olhar crítico e uma postura ativa nos alunos do Reação Escola Faixa Preta, ampliando a noção de que todos são atores importantes para a transformação da sociedade. Oferecer oficinas pedagógicas semestrais no Polo Rocinha; custear 12 meses dos programas Reação Escola de Judô e Educação, oferecer aulas de judô e jiu-jitsu para crianças e adolescentes, trabalhando os princípios e valores do esporte Lei do Incentivo ao Esporte R$ 71.378,80
Centro de Convivência Lar São José - São João da Boa Vista/SP Melhoria da Qualidade de Vida dos moradores/clientes do Lar, através de instalação de local para convivência social, cultural e de saúde. Construção de Pavilhão de 80 m² para ser o Centro de Convivência Social, de Saúde e Comunitário: atividades lúdicas, esportistas e de saúde (fisioterapia, relaxamento), ampliação do nro. de atividades com a comunidade (visitas/encontro com os moradores do Lar). Fundo Municipal do Idoso de São João da Boa Vista/SP R$ 71.378,80
Protagonismo Juvenil e Capacitação para o Primeiro Emprego Instituto da Oportunidade Social - IOS Belo Horizonte/MG Preparar adolescentes de menor renda, provenientes da rede pública de ensino para o mercado de trabalho, através do protagonismo juvenil e da capacitação profissional em administração, tecnologia e reforço escolar Disponibilizar 160 vagas para o curso de capacitação profissional, para adolescentes de 14 e 17 anos e 11 meses, divididas em 8 turmas de até 20 alunos cada; conteúdo voltado para rotinas administrativas, regras de negócio e utilização prática de software de gestão, além das disciplinas de temas transversais, desenvolvimento comportamental, Português e Matemática. Fundo da Infância e Juventude de Belo Horizonte/MG R$ 71.378,80